Wine Cork Cage Solves the Too Many Wine Corks Problem

As I’ve been a wine drinker for many years and sadly had to discard many wine corks, or simply threw them in a drawer to save them until I decided on some project or another, when I saw this wine cork cage I knew in a heart beat it was the solution to my too many wine corks problem.

Wine Cork Cage saves the day


It keeps them in a nice and tidy place until I’m ready to do what ever project I’ve got in mind.


I love the antique look of this particular wine cork cage. It is a decent size at ten inches tall and having a seven inch diameter it will hold over 100 corks. (read more here) Not only is this particular wine cage super cute but there are more designs to choose from! wine cork cage     [yellowbox]And if these four weren’t interesting enough there are even more designs to choose from which you can see here[/yellowbox] What to do with all of those corks you are collecting? How about making

Wine Cork Hot Pads made from your corks saved in your wine cork cage?

My son made me a couple of these as gifts a few years ago. One of the handiest, most useful homemade gifts I’ve ever received.

  You will need a hot glue gun and a cork pad to do this project  

How about wine cork charms?

  Cynthia explains how to do it and what you need here:  

  And here are…

10 DYI Cork Projects

I wouldn’t suggest the one at .26 in this video though LOL