Best Vinyl Letter Cutting Machine For Home Crafters

vinyl-letter-ideaVinyl letter cutting machines offer so many decorating and gift crafting opportunities.  Wandering around Pinterest I was struck by how many simple and simply beautiful pieces of art and decorating ideas have been shared because of the simplicity of using these versatile lettering machines.

All it takes is a bit of creativity and the proper equipment to transform the plainest object or room into something spectacular.



Join us below as Lori Whitlock shares with us how to create a simple, yet really cute, paper basket that would be perfect for mother’s day, Easter or even a baby shower.

From my research the  most popular model and highest rated is the Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Tool. 

Many reviews for this product commenting on the quality, ease of use and excellent customer service. The accessories that are included with the Silhouette Cameo are superior to those that come with the Circut model.

Some of the questions posed about this vinyl letter cutting machine are:

Is this the newest model out of this machine? & can it be used w/ photoshop to print your own designs or do u need to purchase the designer upgrade?

Can this machine import or use CAD DXF files?

Can you control how the blade will cut? where to start cutting?

Get the answers to these questions and ask your own over here.