Refrigerator For Trucks

When looking for a refrigerator for trucks because you are a truck driver you have several options. There are a couple options  you can explore, the first is a 12 volt refrigerator for trucks also known as plug in cooler and then there are hardwired refrigerators/freezer combination options.

For many of the 18 years my husband has been involved in trucking we have used 12 volt coolers with much success. Though now my husband’s truck has a hardwired refrigerator/freezer installed, we have found that a 12 volt refrigerator for trucks is a perfectly fine solution to the problem of keeping pre prepared and fresh food cold.

A couple things you need to keep in mind when purchasing a small fridge for your truck:

  1. They will run your battery down if you do not disconnect them when you are parked for longer than a couple hours.
  2. You need to make sure that you attach the plug in correctly, as almost off of them also work as food heaters. And believe me there is nothing as annoying as finding all of your food spoiled because of a mishap with attaching the plug.
  3. They work best when the food or beverages are already cold. Though they can cool your stuff down, it takes a long time.

WordoftheGods shares with us how much he loves his Koolatron Kooler