Mattel Barbie Doll House – 2016 Choices Reviewed

What little girl doesn’t love playing with Barbie? Use this Mattel Barbie Doll House Review to chose the perfect Barbie dream home for your little one this holiday season.

First Up…

Mattel Barbie Doll House – Barbie Dream House

Featured on this year’s Amazon toy list for a reason. Highly rated large doll house. It stands 4 feet. This means your child can lay on their belly to play in the garage and kitchen, sit on a chair for the second floor and stand to access the third floor.

Complete with a working elevator and garage door! The garage fits the coupe perfectly. And though the earlier versions of this Mattel Barbie Doll House had a string mechanism, it now features an elevator on a track.


Barbie DreamhouseBarbie Dreamhouse


Next we have

Mattel Barbie Doll House – Hello Barbie Dream House

Mattel unveiled the Hello Barbie Dream House at the 2016 International Toy Fair in New York City. In addition to the doll coming in different shapes and sizes, it will get a fully connected Hello Barbie Dream House. This will be a Wi-Fi enabled smart home that can be controlled using voice commands.

It is a six-room house with an elevator and a mobile app to control it. The app, however, is only required during the smart home’s setup process. It has the Siri-like capability to decode whatever is said unto it and act accordingly. The Barbie Hello Dream House will give children a better playtime since they will be able to control their playtime with voice commands. Barbie also acquires a drone this year.

What Makes it Special?

Among the functionalities advertised is that the Barbie Hello Dream House has voice commanded lighting. This feature puts on the lights of the smart house upon decoding the voice command. Other complex commands such as “getting ready for school” performs many actions that are preparatory to attending a school such as; lighting the bathroom’s lights and triggering sound effects of running water in the shower.
Kids can also command the house elevator to the house’s floor where Barbie is waiting. The Dreamhouse also has a party mode. This mode upon activation starts flashing lights and fun music playing. At the same time, the staircase transforms into a slide to give other toys a quick access to the party.
If you would like both Barbie and your child to go outside the house, there is a starlight RC hoverboard that you can use. This is a small drone with Barbie rested on top as if she is riding it. The drone flies high and possibly lands roughly to the point you want it to fall. The RC Hoverboard will also be available for sale this fall.

The Price of the Barbie Hello Dreams House

The dream house will be available for sale this fall. The price will be around $300. Barbie’s hoverboard will also be available for sale in the same period. You can check the price here

Expected customers of the Dream House

The sale of this house mostly aims at parents who have maybe one child. This is because the many features that the home comes with will keep your child away from boredom.

Things we like about the House

The many features of the house and the hi-tech functionality should provide a lot of play from this dolls house.
The voice command feature makes your child’s playtime more fun.

Things we do not like about the house

This Barbie Smart Home looks like it will be a winner with young girls though some parents might not like the idea of giving a young child access to the internet.


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Is the House worth the Money?

Yes, with the many features that the Barbie Hello Dream House comes with, it is worth the $300 it is expected to be selling.

Where can you Buy the Barbie Hello Dream House?

The dream house will be available for sale starting this fall. The shopping outlets are yet to be revealed but you be guaranteed it will be available at Amazon and other Online Stores.

Final Thoughts

The dream house has more advantages than disadvantages, bearing in mind that you can keep off the mobile application control from your child, the Barbie Hello Dream House will be a great tool to add to your baby’s play kit.


Barbie Hello DreamhouseBarbie Hello Dreamhouse



Let us look at a favorite from last year

KidKraft Disney Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse

While KidKfraft and Disney are not affiliated with Mattel this Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse does accommodate Barbie Dolls. Therefore we are including it in our Mattel Barbie Doll House reviews.

Like the Barbie Dream House, The Disney Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse measures four feet tall. At 25 pounds it is also fairly substantially made. The house includes eleven pieces of wooden furniture.

You can read the rave reviews here.

On the positive side

The Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse is very well constructed. Most of its components are made of wood. Bright colors and easy to assemble.

On the negative side

There are some design flaws when it comes to assembling the castle. You might have to drill a couple screw holes.

Over all for in the $100 range you can’t beat this Dollhouse for Frozen fans.


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KidKraft Disney Frozen Ice Castle DollhouseKidKraft Disney Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse



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