Lil’ Rider Harley Style Wild Child Motorcycle – Black

Lil’ Rider Harley – Style Battery – Operated Wild Child Motorcycle… let your child cruise the neighborhood in style! In rugged Harley-Davidson style, this Wild Child Motorcycle allows your child to zoom around on a “hog” ! After being driven around by mom and dad all day, kids will absolutely love being at the wheel! These Lil’ Rider motorized vehicles give kids a new way to “roll”, while moving at a safe speed. Comes with powerful battery and charger for fun use, again and again! Features buttons for sound effects, and working headlights! Moves at up to 3 mph. Sharp, colorful decals and chrome-colored highlights; Durable plastic construction for long term use, even after bumps; Battery type: 6V, 4Ah, 18-watt motor; Moves in forward / reverse; Great for kids, ages 2-4 (weight capacity 60 lbs.); Measures 34 x 22 x 25 1/2″.; Buy yours today! Lil’ Rider Harley-Style Battery-Operated Wild Child Motorcycle

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