Koolaburra Boots Women Desire To Own

Koolaburra Boots – what’s so special? They are funky, bohemian, unusual foot attire. Sure you can find leather boots with sheep’s wool inside. Or more likely imitation sheep’s wool.

However, if you are looking for interesting, anything but run of the mill shoes or boots, you need to look at what Koolaburra has to offer.

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Koolaburra shoes come in both boot styles and sandals.  So you can wear a Koolaburra shoe for every season.

Sandles in the Koolaburra line

The Koolaburra company is headquartered in Santa Barbara California. I always find it humorous that a company known for warm, comfy, sheepskin boots is based out of a place that is known for sunshine and warm weather. Having been a California resident for many years, but now living in Idaho, a place that does get cold in the winter, seeing Californians break out their winter gear when the weather hits sixty degrees makes me laugh. We break out the shorts when the temperature climbs back up to that balmy temperature.

Where are Koolaburra boots made?

Most Koolaburra boots are made in Australia.  Though there are a few lines of Koolaburra boots that are manufactured in Vietnam.

You can tell if your Sheepskin boots are made in Australia because they will have a “Made In Australia” tag either on the boot itself or on the box.  Only genuine Australian Sheepskin Boots can have the “Made in Australia” label. Though, there are some knockoffs, made in China, that label their boots “Australia” to throw you off.

koolaburra boots woman want to own

Wondering what the big deal about Merino Wool is?

Merino wool is what makes sheepskin boots really sheepskin boots. These are not sheepskin LINED boots. Merino sheepskin is a double faced sheepskin in that the outer part of the boot is the skin of the sheep and the soft inner part is the wool. All one piece, not wool attached to leather. What sets Koolaburra boots apart from other not such high quality boots is that all Koolaburra boots are made of only top of the line double faced Merino Wool.

Looking for the perfect fit for your Koolaburra Boots

Koolaburra boots are only made in whole US sizes. They should be snug, but not uncomfortable when you first get them.  They will stretch and mold to your foot as you wear them. If you wear a half size, get the next size up.

Caring for your Koolaburra Boots

It is highly recommended that you treat your Koolaburra boots with Sheepskin water, stain and snow repellent to protect them from water damage – especially if you live in a climate that gets rain and snow.

Should your Koolaburra boots become soiled you should first try brushing them with a soft bristled brush to remove any loose dirt. Anything more  it is recommended that you take them to a reputable shoe repair shop and have them cleaned by a professional. After all if you have an expensive silk shirt you aren’t going to throw it in the washing machine right?

Wear Them With Confidence

You can wear your Koolaburra boots with confidence for years. Because they are a quality made sheepskin boot, they will swaddle your feet in comfort.  Yet added to your attire, whether a dress, jeans or shorts – well maybe if you’re from California – in a way that suggests sophistication and elegance understated.

Wearing Koolaburra boots says you are a fun loving funky kind of person who values quality while appreciating comfort.

Here are a few of my favorite styles below, or click here to discover a wider selection of Koolaburra Boots to choose from.