Best Reverse Osmosis Systems For Home Use 2015

Because the area where my family lives is notorious for having arsenic in the ground water, we decided to find the best reverse osmosis systems for home use around.  There are several highly rated under the sink water filtration systems around but the one we chose is the APEC Top tier.

Not only is it a best seller on Amazon with a 5-star rating but it was also easy to install and filters out 99% of unwanted contaminants from our water, including pharmaceutical drugs and hormones!.


The water tastes great too!  My husband only drinks distilled water from the store. He is a truck driver and has to buy gallons of bottled water to take with him. Even he loves the water from our reverse osmosis system, and that is saying a lot.

Water does have “taste” and while different systems might have palatable water, the water that comes through our APEC Top tier system is incredible good. Having good water available for your family to drink means they will drink more of it.

Part of the reason we chose APEC Top Tier was that it is an American made product and we like to support local companies. They also offer a 1 year guarantee, have long lasting filters and provide unlimited support.

The filtration system takes up a small amount of space under the kitchen sink and ties into the existing water plumbing. We have a garbage disposal under our sink and even we were able to figure out how to get the system installed with minimal effort. (We aren’t all that mechanical LOL)

You will also not need any electrical outlets as it is all water driving. Just follow the clear directions about filling up the tank completely then emptying it when you first set the system up. It really is pretty straight forward.

Here is a tip from one satisfied customer when it comes to installing your APEC Top tier reverse osmosis system:

TIP: Once you locate where you want the faucet mounted, get a thin piece of wood (such as a shim) and drill a 1/2″ hole in it. Then get some duct tape and tape it onto your sink where the hole in the wood is directly where you want the hole for the sink faucet. Then drill through the hole in the wood into your sink’s surface. This will keep your drill but from “dancing” or walking on the surface. Also, take your time!! This is a crucial step and you don’t want to screw it up. The key is using the proper drill bit for your application. In my case, it took me a good ten minutes to drill through my sink (probably a 1/4″ thickness) and the bit was completely useless once I got through the surface. In other words, I just made it. Also, don’t be afraid to get an eye dropper or baster to drop water in the hole as you’re drilling. It will help your bit to not burn up so fast. Once the hole is drilled to your liking, follow the illustration for assembling the hardware for the faucet and mount it. [read the whole review here]


There are several choices when it comes to finding the best reverse osmosis systems for home use and many of them are highly rated. I can recommend the APEC system mainly because of my personal experience with it. Love it and hope you enjoy yours too.

Best Reverse Osmosis Systems For Home Use 2015