Best Pop Up Toasters For Homemade Bread Or Artisan Bread

I’m on a quest for the best pop up toasters for homemade bread because my old toaster finally died. I love to make bread and have gotten pretty good at over the years. There is nothing like a big hunk of toasted bread for breakfast. Finding the best pop up toasters to toast that hunk of homemade bread is my problem.

My mom bought me this toaster which lasted me for ten years. It did a pretty good job on toasting my homemade bread. The thing is that it is a 4 slice toaster which is a bit of an over kill for my family these days. And of course it has finally died.



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I was considering this one:

This is well reviewed and for the price point probably a good deal. However, I think that the issue with bread getting stuck is a bit of a red flag for me when it comes to toasting homemade bread. This was talked about in this review. Sometimes the bread has a ragged edge or two which makes the possibility for sticking much greater. This review talks about it being hard to get stuck bread out.


Now this one is really exciting to me! I’m thinking when it comes to the best pop up toasters for toasting homemade or artisan bread, this is the winner!

In the review you can read the whole thing here>Farm Chick Review the reviewer talks about the slots being sufficiently wide enough to hand artisan bread. Farm Chick actually says she likes to make homemade bread and that this toaster works great for toasting the slices she cuts.

A wider slot is imperative when you are trying to toast bread you have cut yourself whether you made it from scratch or bought it baked from the local bakery.








I was considering this toaster, also a Black and Decker…

But, it has a bad review when it comes to wider sliced bread. You can read that review right here. Over all it seems to be “okay”. Part of the description says it accommodates later slices of bread. For the price difference I think I’ll stick with the Black and Decker TR1210BD.


Best Pop Up Toasters For Homemade Bread Wind Up


While all of these pop up toasters are highly rated, prime eligible and are reasonably priced I think my choice is going to be the Black and Decker TR1210. I like that it offers a choice of black or brushed aluminum. It also features a good review about using the toaster in the way that I need it to function.

I think that if I weren’t trying to toast homemade bread I might go with the Aroteck 850. The price is right on that one for everyday toasting of regular bread.




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